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Building a culture from the bottom up.

Everyone that I know that's into the job wants to work for the best department in the world. The size of the department, the employment status, and how many runs the department receives in a year does not make you the best or worst department. What makes you the best is your culture and how your culture is perceived by those within it. There are a lot of things that can affect your culture, and most definitely the players in the game will make or break it.

I think that a lot of people believe that if you have the best Chief in the world, then you will have an excellent culture. While this 100% will help tremendously, I don't believe it's this position that can affect the most positive results. The Company Officer is what will make or break the culture in your department. The Company Officer can directly influence or uninfluence their entire crew. If they build a sharp cohesive team that works together, gets along, and trains hard, they will build a culture at their firehouse on their shift that will want to be emulated. Then hopefully from there it will catch the other two shifts in that firehouse and spread like wildfire.

Those two situations above are best case scenario.... What if you just simply have people that are not into the game and do not want to assist in growth. What is a firefighter supposed to do in that situation. The best thing is to keep on pushing to get better with or without them. Something that we have noticed is that if you are learning or training, others are interested, just might be wary to join in. Hopefully by never changing and only attempting to get better you can pull in others from your crew, members at shift change, other people you got hired with, or other 1%'ers. The bottom line is, keep grinding! It will more than likely be a long and enduring process, but the end result will be better for it.

At the bottom, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If no one ever joins you in training, have you lost anything? No. You have only gained valuable information that you may not have known or gotten some valuable reps in.

Keep bettering yourself, bettering others, and being the best that you can.


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