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Priorities Matter

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

If you're reading this there is a high percentage that you are an "All-In" type of firefighter. I for one am proud and happy to say that I'm All-In and deeply care about my job, what it represents, and the continuous effort to always be better. You don't have to be an instructor, work multiple overtime shifts, or be the best at your craft in order to be All-In, all it takes is a mindset. The mindset to always wanting more and to wanting to be better. The only thing that should stand out with being All-In is the need and thirst to train. Whether it be in house training, local training opportunities or conferences around the country. Always take something away from those opportunities.

Now to dive into what this post is really about... If you are one of the above and All-In, then you probably face a lot of challenges with that title. Most of us have families, our career job, part-time work, instructing, school, and much more. The number one thing that should be on our minds should be prioritizing what we do on a day to day basis. Your list should look like this:

1. Family

2. Career

3. The rest of the fluff

When it comes to family, without a doubt, your spouse needs to be held in high regard for what he/she does. They're the ones who are our backbones, the ones we can go to with any situation, any problem, ask for help, and receive it at seconds notice. In this line of work we tend to have difficult days, especially the day following shift. It's important that he/she knows this and doesn't think that they've done anything wrong. It's undoubtedly important for them to support you, but much more we need to support them as well. We should never lose sight of who's important and hold them in high regard. Make sure if you have a hectic schedule to always plan out family time. For the most part if you are career you have anywhere from 15-20 days off a month. I know that most of us have part-time work, but make sure to carve out excellent family time building each other up and having fun.

Always take care of those who help take care of you and be kind to each other. Nothing ever gets better until you have good communication and are open with each other.

- Fire Factory Staff

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