The Fireground Special Operations (FSO) Rope Bag is purpose built from the ground up for the demands of rope operations at Structural Fires that are often completed in High Stress, Low Dexterity, and Low Visibility conditions. The design allows individual teams to customize how they set up and deploy their rope system, demanding on the task needs they identify including Firefighter Rescue/RIT Operations, Emergency Roof Operations, or Rope Assisted/Wide Area Search Operations. Features include:


-Duel role Shoulder Strap/Anchor Strap. The 40" shoulder strap can be removed and used as an anchor strap, rated to 8,000 lbs end-to-end of 15,000 lbs basket hitch. The strap includes two lightweight Aluminum "G" rated carabiners. The orientation of the Shoulder strap can be changed for horizontal dragging while crawling.


-Rubber cary handle.


-Two velcro side pockets for tools or accessories. Feature thick pull tabs for use with Firefighting Gloves.


-Two removable end caps. The rope can either be run through them, or they can be easily opened with a glove hand to access the rope inside. They are easily distinguishable to access ends of the rope set up for different purposes, including "A" for Anchor on one end, "LINE" for Life on the opposite end. The underside of the end caps include both solid and snap connected tabs to connect a rope to. The cap breaks open along the deployment slit to allow the user to escape the bag even when a rope is run through the cap. The bag split open top to bottom along its mid section to allow full access to the rope or to escape the bag entirely.


-Molle webbing strip to mount accessories, including the ARS Multi-Loop Rescue Strap Rapid Deployment Bag.


-Capacity for 200' of 1/2" Rope. Ideal for 150'.





ARS -Fireground Special Operations Rope Bag

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