Utilizing the Fireground Special Operations Rope Bag (FSO Bag), we assembled a unique ready to go kit to facilitate emergency roof rescue operations of a civilian or firefighter trapped at a window that is inaccessible to ground or aerial ladders. The double ended bag design allows one firefighter to rig an anchor while a second prepares the decent control for a lower, providing very rapid deployment for this demanding maneuver.


The kit includes:

-1 FSO Rope Bag, including a G Rated anchor strap and two G Rated Aluminum CMC Pro Series L Carabiners as the shoulder strap.

-150' of Sterling 1/2" Tech 125 Rope. This rope features a Technora sheath and Nylon core for outstanding abrasion/heat resistance and excellent feel. MBS of 10,183lbs.

-ICS D5 Descender, NFPA rated for a 2 person load with no need for a redirect. All metal construction for durability on the fireground.

-CMC Edge Guard for edge protection.

-2 CMC Pro Series L G Rated Aluminum Carabiners.

-1 CMC Pro Series XL G Rated Aluminum Carabiner.


*Please allows 4-6 weeks for delivery*

ARS - FSO Rope Bag Roof Ops Kit

SKU: 0017

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