Firepower II™ is an extremely durable double-jacketed hose made from a high-tech nylon-polyester outer jacket, with durability and flow that make it an invaluable firefighting tool. This product has excellent packing capabilities for a premium hose and improves hose-handling applications with an easy-to-grip material. Also featuring a high-performance, nitrile-rubber-through-the-weave inner liner that offers superior burst pressure, Firepower II delivers optimum kink resistance while providing greater flexibility and superior water flow with low friction loss. Firepower II combines high abrasion resistance with low overall weight and low drag resistance. Designed with unrivaled UV and ozone protection, this product will bring you years of reliable service. Firepower II is available in 5 NFPA colors.

Bulldog Hose - Firepower II

Hose Size

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