Fire Maul®

The Fire Maul® features a 9.3 lb. head of carbon alloy steel forged in Chicago, IL. The head is then heat- treated to a maximum hardness for a lifetime of destructive power. It is paired with our USA Patented Collar Shield System to give you the ultimate handle protection from overstrikes and damage. Our Collar Shield comes in two material options: Steel (ST) & Aluminum (LT)


Fire Maul® Tools has developed the first ever maul designed specifically for firefighters. Every tool is hand assembled, individually inspected and tuned for the perfect balance. Every Fire Maul comes standard with a FireWrapTM Grip. The Fire Maul® is available in lengths of 30", 32", or 36" with our custom Hickory Handle. (Length is full measurement of tool from bottom of handle to top surface.)

The Fire Maul® is made in the USA!



ST - Standard Steel Collar Shield - 1 lb.Total Head Weight: 10.3 lbs.


LT(+$5) - High Strength Aluminum - 0.2 lb. Total Head Weight: 9.5 lbs.


End Cap(+$5) - The end cap is made of high strength aluminum and is      designed to protect the bottom of our custom hickory handle. We highly

recommend end caps for Fire Mauls that will be used as a heavy irons set.


Hybrid Handle(+$20) – We fully wrap our custom hickory handle with Fiber Tape and then vacuum press it to create a handle that provides the lightweight performance of a wooden handle and the durabilty of a composite handle.


Factory Installed FireWrap(+$20) - All Fire Mauls come with a FireWrap for you to install. If you'd like it factory installed we can do that for an extra cost. Also if you order a specific color grip we will have it factory wrapped and then send a kit for you to add the color. 


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End Cap

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