Shields vulnerable area between helmet & coat using an air permeable, carcinogenic particulate blocking layer. Smooth, cooling inner FR viscose multi-filament liner.
TTP 29.7 / THL 385.


3 Layer Approach

The INNOTEX GRAY™ Hoods use a 3 layer approach similar to Turnout Gear.

The two inner layers are laminated together to increase comfort and reduce bulk.


Particulate Blocking Layer

INNOTEX GRAY™ Hoods use a proprietary version of Stedair® PREVENT, which blocks carcinogenic particulates 0.1 µm to 1.0 µm (microns) by greater than 98%.


Air Permeability

The INNOTEX GRAY™ Hoods are air permeable, which means air can pass through them. Body heat can dissipate, helping reduce the risk of increased body temperature.

Innotex Grey 25 Particulate Barrier Hood


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