Why a Particulate Hood? 

As we learn more about the potentially harmful contaminants found at the fireground, the need for protection against those particulate hazards continues to grow. Wearing a particulate hood will give you the additional protection you need. 


Why the GORE® Particulate Hood? 


Protection. The GORE® Particulate Hood provides excellent particulate blocking throughout the entire hood — not just in selected areas. In addition, this hood exceeds current NFPA 1971 requirements for thermal protection. 


Comfort.  The unique design of the GORE® Particulate Hood delivers a more comfortable, natural feel like you get when you wear a traditional hood. 


Durability. As with all products from Gore, this long-lasting hood is exceptionally durable, retaining its level of particulate-blocking performance for at least 100 wash cycles. The GORE® Particulate Hood combines the expertise of the industry leader in barrier technology with the skill of one of the most respected hood manufacturers, Majestic Fire Apparel. 




Head Design: Traditional head design 

Bib(Apron) Design: Longer length, notched shoulder bib design

Head Length 13" 

Bib (Apron) Length 8" 


Inspection Opening: The GORE® Particulate Hood has an INSPECTION OPENING in the back hem of the hood. The INSPECTION OPENING allows the hood to be turned inside out so the GORE® Particulate Blocking Layer can be visually inspected for damage.

Thread: 100% Nomex

Seams: Safety lock cover stitch of seams.  RED THREAD on outside is the proper way to don the GORE Particulate Hood.

Sizing: UNIVERSAL size

CERTIFICATION: NFPA 1971-2013 UL Certified, Complies with CAL-OSHA Requirements Sections 3406 and 341

(d) and OSHA Rule 29 CFR Part 1910, 269

TPP: As received 33.9 cal/cm2.  After 5 washes 40.1 cal/cm2

Majestic Gore Particulate Filtering Hood - Nomex Blend


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